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  • Becker & Bekker Optometrists

    Becker & Bekker is all about providing superior quality eye care, for the whole family, in the communities that it serves. Their teams are totally committed to providing patients with the friendliest service in town.

    Becker & Bekker believe that each patient deserves to be cared for in a highly personal manner and are passionate about treating their patients with respect and courtesy.

    N.H.C Health Centre Bryanston 

    Telephone: (011) 700 6615

    Email: becker@nhcltd.com

    N.H.C Health Centre  Honeydew 

    Telephone:  (011) 801 5630

    Email:  opthoneydew@nhcltd.com

    N.H.C Health Centre Northcliff 

    Telephone:  (011) 214 9040

    Email:  optomnorth@nhcltd.com

    N.H.C Health Centre Centurion

    Telephone:  (012) 762 6301

    Email:  centurionoptom@nhcltd.com

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