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In 2009 the N.H.C Network was expanded to include specialists. It is a fact that Medical Schemes are persistently approaching GP’s and hospital groups with the purpose of contracting to try and save costs. The contractual agreements often involved limiting the GP’s choice of specialist/hospital. Previously we chose not to accept the contractual proposals from the medical schemes as we preferred to support the hospitals with which we were involved. As we are no longer aligned with any specific hospital group, we felt that instead of denying the schemes the opportunity to contract with us and the specialists, that we rather forward a list of participating specialists and then assist those specialists, where relevant, in contracting with the hospitals of their choice in time to come.

Benefits to joining N.H.C. as a Specialist

To this end we invited you to join the N.H.C Professional body so that we can look at future Further to joining N.H.C you are invited to subscribe for shares. Owners of more than 400 shares may use the 5 star leisure investments that we already own (limited to a week once a year at a minimal cost of the levy which typically costs about R 2 000.00 per week) at:

  • Zimbali
  • Selbourne
  • Kruger Lodge
  • Atlantic Beach
  • Clarens
  • San Lameer
  • Fancourt
  • Pezula and many more

Other benefits include:

  • The option to display the brand logo and be associated with the N.H.C. medical Provider Network.
  • Enjoy (still to be structured) administration agreements once the specialists have nominated specialists on the board of N.H.C.
  • HR support to stop doctors being taken to the CCMA on labour matters.
  • Radio advertising.
  • Be searchable on www.nhcltd.com under our Specialist Network.
  • Receive bi Monthly updates on industry issues that may impact on our practices.
  • Even utilize sessional specialist rooms at one of our centres where required.
  • Free dryourname@nhcltd.com email address.
  • Credit card switching with Standard Bank at group rate.
  • Easy referrals from N.H.C. network using nhcltd.com
  • Easy referral feedback to all N.H.C networked GP’s at no cost.

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