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  • Slender Wonder


    N.H.C Health Centre Northcliff

    Call Dr Erlan Muller to book your Slender Wonder appointment

    011 214 9000

    N.H.C Health Centre Honeydew

    Call Dr Gerda Scholtz to book your Slender Wonder appointment

    011 801 5600

    N.H.C Health Centre Centurion

    Call Dr Karen Charles to book your Slender Wonder appointment

    012 762 6400

  • Dieticians

    At our in-house weight loss clinic, we focus on a variety of weight causing conditions, such as diabetes, high cholesterol levels and colon problems, but to name a few. We also run weight loss groups at different times of the year.

    N.H.C Health Centre Bryanston – 011 700 6644
    N.H.C Health Centre Northcliff – 011 214 9000
    N.H.C Health Centre Honeydew – 011 801 5615

    Dieticians at work:

    N.H.C Health Centre Bryanston | N.H.C Health Centre Northcliff | N.H.C Health Centre Honeydew


    Dieticians at Work is a group of Dieticians networking together for a full set of Dietetic services.

    If you are looking to see a Dietician for a consult, you will find a full list of us in the About Us page of our website. We are scattered all over Gauteng in Private practices and specialize in some unique areas.

    If you are a Dietician or training to be one, we offer training in a variety of areas to support you and combine our skills to offer the public a resource for all things Dietetics related.

    We train groups on healthy eating, speak in schools to parents and children about Nutrition, run group weight loss initiatives and many more.

    We also provide the following:

    • Weight To Go – weight loss groups
    • Sweet Solutions – diabetes support groups
    • Discovery Vitality Nutrition Consultations
    • Workshops on Healthy eating, Functional nutrition, Disease management, Sports nutrition
    • Corporate health days

    info@dieticiansatwork.co.za or 079 772 8780 (Wendy Lord)

    Take a look at their website Or find them on Facebook

    Elmien Jacobs:

    N.H.C Health Centre Centurion

     Elmien Jacobs

    mymealplan is a service that offers you a professional, individualised dietetic consultation either face-to-face at one of three locations in and around Pretoria, or via the web making use of e-mail or Skype.

    Being a proficient working woman who exercises, socialises, travels and dreams of fitting a family into a demanding lifestyle brought me to the realisation that, notwithstanding our best human intensions, we tend to neglect our nutritional wellbeing. On occasion people, like you, seek swift and immediate information online but are often left more confused and vulnerable due to discrepancies in various professional opinions. Living in smaller towns and areas lacking dieticians or nutritionists may also contribute to deficiency in knowledge regarding nutrition and healthy living. mymealplan considers time restraints and need for scientifically based nutritional information independent of where you are or what you do. This is true wellness on the move!

    Take a look at Elmien’s website Or find her on Facebook

  • Powerplate

    Powerplate is exercised under the full supervision of a qualified physiotherapy team. The benefits of the Powerplate’s Advanced Vibration Technology are considerable, as evidenced by its acceptance by major medical, rehabilitation and therapeutic centres across the country. It can enhance an individual’s general well-being and quality of life regardless of age, medical, neurological or physical condition.

    011 214 9000

  • Re-Shape

    N.H.C Health Centre Centurion

    Call Dr. Helen Sommerville to book your Re-Shape appointment

    012 762 6300

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